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Building Bridges: Business & Networking Fair

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

We are pleased to welcome you to the Building Bridges: Business &

Networking Fair, bringing together entrepreneurs, organizations and

current collaborations from across the island, for networking, building

relationships and engaging in discussions about future cooperation.

Building Bridges aims to deepen cross-community linkages between

businesses and entrepreneurs, to provide scope for collaborative

partnerships, and to enrich the debate about economic conditions for

inter-communal relations.

This event is co-organised by the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in

Cyprus, the Cyprus Peace and Dialogue Centre, CyprusInno, Center

for Social Innovation (CSI) and International Communities Organisation.

This Fair brings together small local businesses from across the island, chosen based on their ability and desire to trade products and services across the Green Line. Aside from opportunities for business-to business networking, the Fair brings together experts in intercommunal business, cross-communal social entrepreneurship, Green Line trade and benefits of economic integration.
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