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Who We Are

We are a group of Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot individuals who share the understanding that a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem based on the BBF model is required as a matter of urgency for the safeguarding of the island’s future.

We bring experience from a range of fields including history, sociology, education, peacebuilding and negotiation, international relations, policy, and civil society; all steadfast in a life-long commitment to lasting peace in Cyprus. Our approach places equal emphasis on the need for courageous political leadership alongside inclusive, cross-community grassroots cooperation. We are not affiliated with any political party nor governmental body in Cyprus or beyond.

Our Vision

A united bi-communal, bi-zonal federal state based on political equality, regardless of ethnic, racial or linguistic background, nationality, gender, or any other status. A Cyprus that adopts a culture of peace at all levels, and which serves as a model of justice and peaceful co-existence to the wider region and beyond.

Our Mission

CPDC brings together key stakeholders, leading personalities and organisations from the two communities in Cyprus, to revisit and build on existing mechanisms, and find new creative modalities for long-lasting peace.


  • To establish mechanisms to support cultural, socio-economic, and political steps towards a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus issue, based on the bi-communal, bi-zonal federation model.

  • To engage experienced individuals, including key politicians, negotiators and third parties in non-public discourse and policy planning.

  • Designing and implementing workshops and trainings at a grassroots level aiming to foster trust building and cultural reconciliation.

  • To create public awareness and understanding of a culture of peace and federalism through cross-communal dialogue, events and activities.

  • To leverage and facilitate new opportunities for cooperation and networking amongst grassroots peace initiatives and civil society actors.

  • To promote the benefits of a united Cyprus to a wide range of sectors and private businesses, and to facilitate inter-group business collaboration.

Principles and Values

We as CPDC seek to cooperate and collaborate with a cross-section of actors and stakeholders in aspiring to work towards our mission and vision, incorporating the following key values and principles into our work and practice:

  • Cooperation and Knowledge Sharing

  • Culture of Peace

  • Community

  • Equality – including, but not limited to gender, socio-economic and political

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Respect and dignity for all

  • Inclusion, cultural pluralism and commitment to diversity

  • Freedom of speech and respecting differing points of view

  • Transparency and good governance

  • Integrity and Ethics

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