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Understanding Views of Women, Youth and Rural Communities

Updated: May 25, 2023

The Cyprus Peace and Dialogue Centre (CPDC), in partnership with Cypology, is pleased to announce a 6-month research and communications action to explore views of marginalised communities on peace and justice.

This action is being implemented with the support of the Grow Civic Programme funded by the European Union.

In the first three months of the action the partnership conducted focus groups with groups of women, youth, and rural communities, seeking to understand how participants view the Cyprus conflict - including successive peace processes and the current status quo - as well as the state of inter-communal relations.

A report containing the analysis of 16 focus groups held across the island was complete and disseminated at a public event. Now, the team is planning advocacy meetings with policymakers, followed by an opportunity for online cross-communal discussion for several weeks. We look forward to sharing updates about this exciting action.

Download the Report

Understanding views on conflict, justice and peace
Download PDF • 428KB

Turkish Version

Çatışma, adalet ve barış hakkındaki görüşleri anlamak
Download PDF • 491KB

Greek Version

Κατανόηση των απόψεων για τη σύγκρουση, τη δικαιοσύνη και την ειρήνη
Download PDF • 502KB


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