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This section contains a range of articles, reports, books and other materials published by partners, research bodies, civil society organisations and initiatives, educational institutions and academics, as well as think tanks working in Cyprus and internationally. These materials are recommended for consultation around the Cyprus issue context, particularly issues pertaining to CPDC’s work,  as well as proving a context to the Cyprus problem. If you are an organisation or individual interested in making your work available to our website users, please contact [email address]. For CPDC publications, please see the What we Do section of our website. 


Role of Public Policy in Deeply Divided Cities: Belfast, Jerusalem, and Johannesburg
Scott A Bollens
This chapter explores the role of public policy in contested cities and the effects urban strategies have on the magnitude and manifestations of ethnonational conflict.
The Political Guide
The Cyprus Dialogue Forum
The Political Guide aims to provide a comprehensive source of knowledge on issues that pertain to the official negotiations in Cyprus
Gender in the Cyprus Negotiations
Olga Demetriou
This report addresses the integration of a gender agenda in the peace negotiations in Cyprus as well as in activities outside the framework of the negotiations.
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